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The IT security landscape is constantly evolving with threats shifting from common widespread attacks at the perimeter of you network, to targeted attacks on corporate endpoints that may be less secure. These threats now effect your more than just your business, they can effect your client data which is encouraging more stringent government regulations.

These regulations have brought the pain and expense of IT security to smaller companies, making IT Security a subject of concern for all businesses, not just the large enterprise.

Verologix brings businesses of all sizes the end to end IT security solutions from the industries best and most trusted experts.

Identity and Access Management


Verologix has a long history in the Identity and Access Management space from providing consulting and engineering services, to partnering with Greytower Identity formally Directory Services, Inc. to bring Scale Out Identity Management to the market with Greytower Identity Automation products.

Identity and Access Management traditionally has been known as a complex subject. Trust Verologix to dial in the right IAM solution to fit your needs regardless of product vendor.

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