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Greytower Identity, The World's Most Flexible Identity Management Solution

The problem with Identity Management in the past, is the solution itself! Identity Management was originally never built to handle today's technology ecosystem. Mobile, Social and Cloud technologies have changed the game. Greytower identity is a "Mobile first", Business Driven, and scalable Identity Management system, build to make identity management easier and more affordable for all businesses.

What is Greytower?

Greytower is a collection of Identity and Access Management tools that empower the organization to be more agile.  Greytower is built on the leading SOA platform providing proven stability and enterprise ready.  By design it can be deployed in a Scale Out Identity fashion to enable strategic deployment options that fit your organization's current Identity Plan, or provide an easy and affordable option to change paths to a more Agile Identity path.

A Collection of Identity Management Tools Built on SOA, Leveraging SCIM, to provide a unique Identity Automation experience taking "identity services" from strictly utility to value driven.

Orpheus Mobile for Greytower

A mobile front end to Greytower Identity that is a true game changer, Orpheus mobile is the true "swiss army knife" for IT Administrators, department managers and end users alike. Orpheus supports iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and provides a single application for all users.

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