"Microsoft Sybil", The New SkyDrive Name?

Microsoft recently announced that they're changing the name to their online storage and synchronization service from SkyDrive, OneDrive. It seems that the UK company BSkyB has won their lawsuit keeping Microsoft from using the SkyDrive moniker.

Microsoft execs don't seem to shook up about it, in fact, they seem to be playing it down stating in public that OneDrive is really a better name for their service and better aligned with what they're trying to deliver to the people. That seems reasonable enough except for the fact that Microsoft hasn't been able to properly name this service since birth. For a company known in the past for winning client share through superior marketing strategies by focusing on a better user experience, isn't it odd that we've seen them rename products like a college student's midnight term paper. Anyone remember Microsoft Office Communicator? No? Well it's called Lync now, or dare I say, "for now".

Back to the point… When I first heard about the news I was a bit befuddled.  All I can think about was why the hell can't they seem to get a simple name picked out that we can all build on.  As the trusted adviser to our clients, we are the first line of defense to answer these questions, and your not making it easier.  SkyDrive was just named in July 2012 from LiveMesh, in October 2013 SharePoint online was changing to SkyDrive Pro.

What a terrific job of adding the "PRO" suffix to differentiate the products because we don't want to get mixed up with the same cloud icon on our live tile. (sarcasm alert)… But what's in a name right? Microsoft LiveSync, Microsoft LiveMesh, SkyDrive…. Tomato, Potato, Oregano (all edible right)? (Sarcasm Overload… must…. stop!)

I've got an idea! I nominate the new name to become Microsoft Sybil. This way they can keep the name the same and just change the personality of the program underneath it at will!

Anyway Microsoft, I kid because I care. Microsoft is my guilty pleasure. Every time I'm ready to give up on you guys, like Michael Corleone in the Godfather, I get pulled back in! I just can't quit you buddy! (But I can let you know where your screwing up, we're family after all right?).

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Microsoft ditches SkyDrive for OneDrive after BSkyB dispute


Marc Potter 29-Jan-2014 0 Comments
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