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We Are Verologix, Trusted IT Solutions Specialists

We are Verologix! "Vero" is latin for "true", "Logix" is an expression of Logic! "TRUE LOGIC" is the meaning of our name, and the foundation of our vision.

Headquartered in Orange County, California, Verologix was "born in the cloud" so we are using many of the same cloud based solutions we recommend to our clients. With that we were founded on the idea that technology must support the business process goals of the client, and that no single solution or vendor will fit all companies.

"Born in the Cloud", We Drink Our Own Champagne

Verologix was built from the ground up to provide Business Technology Services in the new economy. We are a technology provider that was "born in the cloud". That means that we embrace certain technologies like "cloud computing" that allows us to break the tether to traditional office workplaces, and open up to a new world of possibilities that allow us to bring value to our client partners in a way our competition would envy.

What this means to you?

  • We are "you", we we use many of the services we offer you, so you know we believe in them.
  • Leveraging the cloud has allowed us to be more agile with less overhead. These cost savings can be passed on to you.
  • We have the ability to leverage our partnerships to provide "Enterprise Class" stability in our solutions and infrastructure offerings, without the dealing giant unfriendly vendors.

Founding Principles

  1. Develop clients to become "Client Partners", where their success is important to us, not just their last sale.
  2. Focus on identifying the business organization's "End State Goal", and strive to meet it.
  3. Align with the best solutions vendors that understand these principles and will strive to keep producing flexible, scalable solutions that can easily grow with a company.

Our Partner Relationships

We have aligned our business with some of the best technology providers, distributors, and finance companies in the world to ensure our clients have access to the best solutions available. Verologix maintains the key relationships to ensure we are on the leading edge of the knowledge wave.

We also are positioned to best represent our client partners in the relationship. Verologix will always maintain a position of neutrality in "like" solutions, while only accepting the key partners that Verologix has positioned as a "Top Shelf" provider of any given solution, for a given vertical market space.

Client Partner Focused

Verologix maintains that our clients are key to the success of any business transaction.

Verologix wants our clients to purchase their technology solutions from us. In exchange, we promise to always do our best to recommend, specific and deliver solutions that will fit into each clients business process goals.

We do this because we believe having a smaller client base of loyal repeat "client partnerships", and is better for the entire business community than any single "quick sell".

The idea of the "Client Partner" suggests that We both have a vested interest in each others success. This means once you become a valued "Client Partner", the relationship is one that is based on the following traits:

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Good Will
  • An interest in creating Win-Win results in negotiations and resolutions

Still not convinced we are the best choice?

That's OK, were willing to give you the time and space to get to know us. You can start by plugging into our content, visit our blog, or sign up for our email series on how to source a long term technology vendor that cares about your success.

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Address: 18100 Von Karman Ave Suite 850 Irvine, CA 92612

Email: info@verologix.com

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Toll Free: 800-403-8041

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