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The PayPal Mafia vs. The Bill Walsh NFL Coaching Tree [INFOGRAPHIC]

Its time to put Geeks against Jocks in this ultimate throw-down of fearless leaders and giants among mankind. In the blue corner, The PayPal Mafia. Descendants of the giant Internet finance company who made it ok to buy from strangers on eBay. In the Red corner, The Bill Walsh Coaching Tree. Descendants of the great Bill Walsh who's San Francisco 49ers dominated the grid iron during the 80's and 90's. Two go in, one comes out the winner in this Infographic brought to you by Hubspot.

Marc Potter, Infographic by Hubspot 31-Jan-2014 0 Comments
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"Microsoft Sybil", The New SkyDrive Name?

Microsoft recently announced that they're changing the name to their online storage and synchronization service from SkyDrive, OneDrive. It seems that the UK company BSkyB has won their lawsuit keeping Microsoft from using the SkyDrive moniker.

Marc Potter 29-Jan-2014 0 Comments
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Still Using Windows XP? Might as Well be Skiing Naked!

IT Guys and Gals, send this to your boss with a note “told you so”!...

Did you know Windows XP was released worldwide for retail sale on October 25, 2001, and over 400 million copies were in use in January 2006? Do you also know why this is problem today?? With all the hackers laying in wait to chap the exposed areas sans support in April, think of it as Skiing Naked!

Marc Potter 17-Jan-2014 0 Comments
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What is Cloud Computing Video According to AWS

A Video perspective from AWS showing what is Cloud Computing, and how can you use it in your organization. -- You'll find the video on the next page...

I love to talk about cloud computing, and whenever I get a change to be lazy enough (or smart enough) to present another perspective, I jump on it. This is a video by AWS (Amazon Web Services) who are arguably the true pioneers in "Cloud". These guys were "Cloud Computing", when cloud computing wasn't cool, (it was just called a DotCom before the bubble burst and marketers got scared of the term...). Now there are many choices in Cloud Computing, and some that may be a better fit, but AWS is the defacto standard and worth the first look.

Marc Potter, Video by AWS 13-Jan-2014 0 Comments
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5 Virtualization Strategies for the Budget Challenged and Reasons to Start NOW!

Every so often a technology gains enough inertia and acceptance it
changes the game for everyone. When this happens, there is a certain
buzz in the air for guys like me. It’s because we know that the top
players will be burning the midnight oil wrenching on new great features
and products to fill the space.  The pricing gets more competitive, and
the industry opens up to a whole bunch of “trailer hitch” companies
that bring some much needed value to the table.  Companies like Novel
Platespin, Marathon Technologies, Vizioncore, and others all have great
offerings that extend the virtualization story.  Yes, Virtualization is
that game changer that has geeks giving up star trek at 2 in the

Marc R. Potter 03-Mar-2013 0 Comments
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Is Google Chrome the Future of Cloud Or The Next Microsoft IE

I gotta be honest, I'm a bit of a browser snob. I need my internet browser to be fast and present my web pages accurately, and if you can swing it, make it easy to use and search, and never ever under any circumstance, crash. That shouldn't be too much to ask, right? Without rehashing the browser wars of the last 20 years, lets simply fast forward to the cloud computing age, where Google Chrome burst on the scene with a simple easy to use slim and fast browser. I simply loved it, and the development cycle was at light speed. By this time, Microsoft IE (internet explorer) had become the browser of last resort, and only used for web developers who insisted on developing for that platform. This was typically corporate sites and banks. The ironic thing was, one of the main reasons many of us stopped using IE was its terrible security record, so the thought of requiring it for banking made my skin crawl. Think of it as requiring a screen door no a sub marine

Marc R. Potter 23-Mar-2012 0 Comments
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Data Backups 101: Intro to Backups for Business

Backups have one purpose, data protection. That said there are several considerations for data protection.

What is your data worth to you?

  • How long can you be in business without your data?

  • How much does it cost per hour / day to be without your data?

  • In what format do you require your data to be in? Paper vs digital (yes paper is data)

  • What is your retainment policy IE how long do I need to keep my data aka archives. (another topic: Data Archives including email archives have become a major pain point for companies because of legal ramifications and requirements for eDiscovery and compliance should an employee sue your company)

Because most people need data, in digital format readily available, we have backup systems.

Marc R. Potter 14-Mar-2012 1 Comments
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3 Reasons Identity Management is a “MUST”… and strategies to make it affordable

Let me be clear about what I’m saying. Identity Management for companies with employees that have access to critical data is a MUST, not a want.; Over the years I have had the privilege to work with many companies large and small, who have different business needs. In many cases I hear all the reasons, (and sometimes excuses) for not implementing a solution, policy or methodology. Sometimes these reasons even make perfect sense! In making any business decision, the choice to do, or not do anything is weighed by what I call the “risk vs. reward scale”. Regarding Identity Management (IDM), if you have employees with access to critical business information, you MUST put at least basic IDM in place!

Marc R. Potter 05-Mar-2012 0 Comments
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