Gridstore 3 has been designed and purpose-built for Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Using Gridstore vController™ based on Gridstore patented Server Side Virtual Controller™ technology, Gridstore accelerates application performance in Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Each VM has its own virtual storage stack that dynamically optimizes and prioritizes I/O before it leaves the server.

Gridstore vController (software installed at the hypervisor layer on each Hyper-V server) creates I/O lanes for each VM, eliminating the I/O blender effect.

Gridstore Optimized I/O

Management of the virtual LUNs, which appear as local SAS drives, is done through standard Microsoft tools on a per-VM basis.

Gridstore performance optimized nodes provide linear scalability of IOPS, throughput and capacity – With industry leading price/performance, the grid can scale from 12TB to 3PB in convenient 12TB pay-as-you scale increments that can be added as needed with no downtime.

Key Highlights

  • Eliminate the I/O blender effect and optimize for each VM with Gridstore vController The Gridstore vController
    creates an isolated I/O lane for each VM and auto optimizes itself based on the I/O patterns from each VM to enable optimal application I/O. Click here for more information (“here” takes visitors to Hyper-V Features PDF)
  • Start small and scale over time with GridScale Starting with a minimum of 3 nodes, Gridstore’s storage solution is fault tolerant and scalable. Add one or more nodes at a time with no additional configuration requirements. The GridScale™ architecture uses direct I/O from storage nodes to the host servers eliminating the bottlenecks that clustering or a backbone impose, while providing massive parallel performance. The more nodes in a configuration, the more network bandwidth, more cache, more processing power and more capacity that ultimately delivers linear performance scalability. Click here for more information (“here” takes visitors to Hyper-V Features PDF)
  • Prioritize I/O across all servers with Gridstore Quality of Service (QoS)
    With Gridstore end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS), application performance can be prioritized on a per VM basis to deliver highest levels of service to the most business critical applications. Gridstore QoS extends the capabilities of Windows Hyper-V QoS all the way through the storage stack. With Gridstore QoS, noisy applications of low priority will no longer impact the performance of business critical applications. Gridstore is unique in the implementation of end-to-end QoS from the vController (server) to the storage nodes which allows Gridstore to utilize more of the network bandwidth and the storage IOPS for important applications. Click here for more information (“here” takes visitors to Hyper-V Features PDF)
  • Embrace and Extend Windows Storage Functionality
    Gridstore does not require customers to pay twice for storage functions. Instead Gridstore leverages storage functions in Windows such as snapshots, compression and deduplication. Gridstore fits so well with Windows that it can be used as the storage with Storage Spaces.

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  • Hyper-V datasheet (can be co-branded)

    Gridstore Solution Brief HyperV Gridstore Solution Brief HyperV (727 KB)

  • White paper: “How Virtualization Breaks Traditional Storage”
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